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Overlay by JoceL

Please write your questions and suggestions to JoceL at HLTV.org


Hi budies, this is my first Overlay, I made a new Spectator Layout and adjust Health Bars settings. 1024x768 and 800x600 resolution

This Overlay only func in HLTV MOD.



Before anything you should copy your Spectator.res inside cstrike/resource/UI folder to your desktop because after you stream/viewdemo you can replace your old spectator menu to play and see all stats like score, time, etc.

1 - Copy Winject 1.7a folder to Desktop or to other folder you want.

2 - Copy and substitute dj and cstrike folders to your counter strike folder:

C:/Programmes Files/Steam/steamapps/your_account/counter-strike

3 - Open Counter strike, change resolution to 1024x768 or 800x600, connect to a HLTV IP or HLTV DEMO

4 - When you're inside the server, open Winject.exe:

--In the Target Process search for hl.exe

--In the DLL to Inject go to your dj folder and choose joneshud.dll and press Inject (+)

C:/Programmes Files/Steam/steamapps/your_account/counter-strike/dj

5 - A message should appear on Winject and in your cs console, now go to your console and write:

exec 1024.cfg


exec 800.cfg

6 - To configure the team names and flags just type dj_help in console and you will get some extra commands ;)

Some commands:

dj_team_1_name [Left_Team_Name_On_Scorebar] |ex: dj_set_team_1_name fnatic.MSi|
dj_team_2_name [Right_Team_Name_On_Scorebar] |ex: dj_set_team_2_name Na'Vi|
dj_set_team_1_flag flags/[Country_Of_Team_On_Left].png |ex: dj_set_team_1_flag flags/Sweden.png|
dj_set_team_2_flag flags/[Country_Of_Team_On_Right].png |ex: dj_set_team_2_flag flags/Ukraine.png|
dj_team_1_score [Number_Of_Score_After_1st_Half]|ex: 9|
dj_team_2_score [Number_Of_Score_After_1st_Half]|ex: 6|
dj_swap - Swap names and scores of Scorebar (Type this after 1st Half or Knife Round when players swap team)
dj_reload - reload settings after change something (type dj_reload always you change names and scores)
dj_strip_tag [TAG] - hide some tag only in healthbars |ex: dj_strip_tag fnatic.MSi||ex: dj_strip_tag <3 
dj_connect [HLTV_IP] - same thing as connect IP but is the only way to connect after inject joneshud.dll
dj_help - show you all the commands

Type hud_saytext_time 0 to chat disappear

Make your questions and suggestions please, have fun
DOWNLOAD - FIXED BUGS - 1024 and 800 resolution



800 x 600

1024 x 768