Please use the newer one csgo_multi-txt

After each CSGO update (typically on wed/thu) the csgo_english.txt file gets updated, 
so instead of sharing a csgo_english.txt file (which will need to be updated by me every week), i decided to make a small script that would edit only the needed lines to add the features of my csgo_english file to any updated one.

all you need to do is: 

1- download the script(csgo_english) (3 kB) [last changes 1
0.Nov] now in french too csgo_french.txt (than
ks SerialKilleR974)
2- put this script in the same folder csgo_english.txt is in, so steam/steamapps/common/counter strike global offensive/csgo/resource
double click on the script and it will automatically edit some lines to improve your csgo_english file and add the features shown in the pictures bellow.

important note:
after each csgo update you will need to go to: 
steam/steamapps/common/counter strike global offensive/csgo/resource
and double click on the script file again, or else you will notice that everything is back to default.
(to make this easier for yourself i suggest creating a shortcut on your desktop and using that after every update.)


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